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Joshua Saunders

Logic Luminary, Data Druid, Cloud Navigator

About Me

Welcome to my space on the web! I’m a seasoned Systems Engineer with a rich background in ensuring the security and efficiency of government computer systems. For over 15 years, I’ve dedicated myself to mastering the complexities of virtual infrastructure management, specializing in Active Directory PowerShell scripting, domain, and group policy administration. My journey in this field is underpinned by a passion for technology and a steadfast commitment to safeguarding digital assets.

Born in the historic city of Portsmouth, Virginia, at Portsmouth General Hospital, I was raised in the scenic, rural outskirts of Suffolk. This backdrop of nature’s best, where my days were spent exploring the woods and embracing outdoor adventures, instilled in me a sense of curiosity and exploration. It’s a trait that’s been a guiding force throughout my life.

I come from a nurturing family that values hard work and dedication. My fraternal twin brother, along with a younger brother and sister, made for a lively household. My mother, a devoted RN, and my father, a skilled shipboard electrician turned program manager for various government shipboard contractors, instilled in us the importance of commitment and the value of contributing to something greater than ourselves. This ethos, coupled with a natural inclination towards technology and problem-solving, paved the way for my career in systems engineering.

My professional journey is not just about maintaining systems but ensuring they are robust, secure, and efficient. The skills I’ve honed in PowerShell scripting, alongside my expertise in managing virtual environments and implementing effective group policies, reflect a blend of technical prowess and strategic thinking. This expertise is not just about keeping the digital gears turning; it’s about crafting an environment where information is secure, accessible, and leveraged to its full potential.

Beyond the technical, my upbringing has deeply influenced my approach to work and life. The values of hard work learned from my father’s dedication and my mother’s care for others have been my guiding principles. They’ve taught me that success in technology is not just about understanding systems but about building connections and ensuring that these systems serve people’s needs effectively and securely.

As I continue on this journey, I remain committed to exploring new horizons, driven by a passion for technology and a deep-rooted belief in its power to make a difference. Whether it’s safeguarding digital information, enhancing system efficiencies, or mentoring the next generation of IT professionals, my goal is to contribute positively to the ever-evolving landscape of technology.